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The Global Resilience Fund
for Girls and Young Feminists

A collective response
to the COVID-19 crisis

With the goal of resourcing the vital and urgent emergency response to the pandemic of girls and youth, the Global Resilience Fund (GRF) was launched in May of 2020 as a participatory rapid-response funding mechanism to move flexible resources to girls and young feminists responding to the pandemic.  Housed and facilitated by Purposeful, the Fund is powered by the resources and intellectual energy of 25 funders from a diverse range of institutions, including women’s funds, private foundations, INGOs, multi-laterals, and bi-lateral agencies.

As a community, we are engaged in a process of deep learning to better understand what young feminist activists need in this critical movement, while documenting what it takes to hold collaborative and participatory funding processes through a pandemic and beyond. 

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