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The Global Resilience Fund is a collaborative feminist fund working with and for girls and young feminists responding to crises.


with and for girls and young feminists!

Photos by: Raya Sharbain, Massiel Hernandez & Hickmatu Leigh

$2 Million+ USD

leveraged to resource crisis response efforts


girl and young feminist-led groups resourceD



Photos by: Massiel Hernandez

From Palestine to Pakistan, Haiti to Ukraine, Syria to Sierra Leone, girls and young feminists bear the impact of crises while leading the frontline response efforts.


Despite grappling with unimaginable suffering, girls and young feminists courageously respond to their communities' urgent needs, constructing alternative systems and structures. Unfortunately, the humanitarian sector continues to ignore and overlook their unique needs and solutions. The Global Resilience Fund is a collective response to this reality, urging funders to take collective action and reimagine what is possible when we support the transformative strategies and solutions of girls and young feminists responding to crises while tackling the systemic injustices that perpetuate them. 

Crisis Response Funding

Through a participatory approach, we distribute flexible rapid-response and long term  funding to girls and young feminists impacted by and responding to acute and protracted crises.

Accompaniment and Learning

We co-curate healing and connecting spaces to support collaboration, build solidarity, and develop learning and advocacy resources by girls and young feminists responding to crises.

Organizing and Advocacy

We develop learning and advocacy efforts with activists and funders to amplify the efforts of and move more and better funding to girls and young feminists responding to crises.


Collaborative Feminist Humanitarian Response in Action

“After periods of crisis, we forget that these communities are left to themselves. In this sense, we accompanied more than 300 girls and women under the age of 25 for four months after the earthquake. Kits were distributed, workshops on sexual and reproductive health were conducted by our staff.”

MARIJÀN | Feminist Organization, Haiti

“We offer psychosocial support for most marginalized women and girls, we meet twice every month and share different experiences, what we have gone throughout in our lives, as activists, and how we can overcome them, and have wellness and collective care sessions, and it makes sense to work on our mental health. We have outreach where we go to communities and we talk to marginalized women and girls and keep them updated as to what their rights are, including legal rights.”

Feminist Initiative South Sudan, South Sudan

“Our main priority is humanitarian aid, and we have two main approaches to this work. Our first approach: we use our activist, feminist network in different cities to find ways to send help to the occupied territories. We have already sent large batches of medications, hygiene products, and baby food to Kherson, Berdyansk, and Zaporizhzhia region, 70% of which is occupied, to the frontline cities like Kramatorsk. We find the right people and build this logistical supply network.”

Feminist Lodge, Ukraine

Beyond Crisis: A collaborative feminist humanitarian response that centers girls and young feminists partners

"Even though I have been supported by the humanitarian sector, I think that it is very inequitable and bureaucratic - creating obstacles for the most vulnerable people. It has to change these top-down ways of working as it is essential to support the people leading the social movements as they are the transforming agents."
Tania, Nicaragua


The Global Resilience Fund is a collaboration between diverse social justice funders committed to resourcing girls’ and young feminists on the frontline of crisis response. This includes Feminist and Women's Funds, public foundations, private and corporate foundations, UN Agencies, International NGOs, and more!

For the full list of partners see here.

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