The Global Resilience Fund
for Girls and
Young Women

A collective response
to the COVID-19 crisis

Deadline - 03 August 2020

The Global Resilience Fund supports girl and young women activists at this watershed moment, with fully flexible rapid response grants of up to $5,000. Applications for the fund are now open!

We are accepting applications from: 

  • Registered and unregistered community organisations led by girls, young women and/or trans and intersex youth with incomes of below $50,000 per year.

  • Informal collectives led by girls, young women and/or trans and intersex youth with incomes of below $50,000 per year

Please only apply if you meet this criteria

We are restricting applications to the Sub-Saharan Africa region to groups made up entirely of under-19s. Please only apply if you are a group made up entirely of under-19s. In addition, in the rest of the world we are removing the pre-funding requirement for groups made up entirely of under-19s. If you are a group made up entirely of under-19s, you do not need to have previously received funding from the below list of organisations in order to apply.

We are accepting applications from all regions and all countries. We are prioritising applications from girls and young women with disabilities, girls and young women of colour, LGBTQIA2S youth, afro-descendant, indigenous and immigrant girls and young women, as well as those living in urban slum areas, rural areas, refugee camps, occupied territories and in conflict affected settings. 


Please help us to save time and funds and only apply if you meet this criteria.  

Deadline - 03 August 2020

Grants are fully flexible, to support your work, as you define it. In the application, we will ask you to share a little bit about how you expect to use the funds, to understand more about your activism and the needs of girls and young women like you at this time. 


In order to apply, you must have previously received funding from one the following organisations, or be referred by an organisation with a connection to the founding partners: 

  • Central American Women’s Fund

  • Central America and Mexico Youth Fund (CAMY Fund)

  • Disability Rights Fund

  • Filia 

  • FIMI - The International Indigenous Women’s Fund

  • Fondo De Mujeres Del Sur

  • Fondo de Mujeres Bolivia (Apthapi Jopueti) 

  • Fondo Elas

  • Fondo Semillas

  • Fondo Lunaria

  • Ford Foundation

  • FRIDA I The Young Feminist Fund

  • Global Fund for Children

  • Global Fund for Women


  • Mama Cash 

  • Ms. Foundation

  • Orchid Project

  • Plan International 

  • Purposeful

  • The Fund for Global Human Rights

  • Ukrainian Women's Fund 


  • With and for Girls Collective

  • Women Enabled International

  • Women's Fund Asia 

  • Women Win

We will need you to share the contact details of someone in the organisation you have previously received funding from. We will then complete a very simple reference check, which means we can speed up the time between your application and sending you funding, if you are successful.


Please help us to save time and funds and only apply if you meet this criteria. 

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Illustrations by María Ponce