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Girls and Young Feminist Activists at the Forefront Against Russia’s Imperialist War in Ukraine highlights the vital frontline response efforts of young feminist in Ukraine and how we, as funders, can take action to show-up with the solidarity that they need. This publication was developed by the Global Resilience Fund in partnership with and contributions from young feminist collectives: Bilkis, Cohort, Charitable Organization Positive Women of  Khmelnytskyi, FemSolution, Feminist Lodge, Feminist Workshop, ReSew, Ukrainian Women's Fund, Young Feminists of Odessa, and allied funders: Ukrainian Women's Fund, Disability Rights Fund, Global Fund for Children, Global Fund for Women, and Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights.  Translated by Olenka Gu and Kira Leonova and illustrated by Liza Yablonskaya.

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