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photos by: Hickmatu Leigh

The Global Resilience Fund is a collaborative feminist fund working with and for girls and young feminists impacted by and responding to crises. 


The Fund brings together a diverse set of funders and activists from across the social justice ecosystem, including womens funds and feminist funders, UN agencies, public, private and family foundations, and NGOs.  

Since our launch in 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Fund has directly worked with and supported girls and young feminists' brave and transformative crisis response efforts. Rooted in trust, solidarity, and reciprocity, we move resources at speed and scale through collaborative and innovative models of shared power.

The Global Resilience Fund is part of Purposeful’s Resourcing Resistance portfolio of Funds. As the first Africa-rooted feminist global hub, Purposeful resources and realizes girls’ collective power.


The Global Resilience is made up of a team from around the world, embedded within the Purposeful team.  For the full snapshot of the team check out the Purposeful Website


Here are some of our team members:


At the heart of the Global Resilience Fund is a participatory decision-making model with a panel of girls and young feminists from around the world. Advisors work with us in specific crisis contexts, together make decisions on where resources go, and work alongside us in accompaniment and advocacy. The activist advisors play a central role across Purposeful’s Resourcing Resistance strategy, design, and funding decisions.


To see the full list of advisors see here.


The Global Resilience Fund is a partnership between social justice funders committed to resourcing girls and young feminists on the frontline of crisis response.

Launched at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic by 20 founding partners, the Global Resilience Fund has continued to evolve and adapt over the last few years to meet the needs and realities faced by girls and young feminist responding to crisis.


Click here to learn more about the story behind the launch of the Fund.

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